PhitGrip, the only nonslip workout grip on the market with antimicrobial protection.  Set your hands free and lift more weight. Hands swell inside of gloves restricting your freedom of movement and creating heat.  Cool, relaxed hands lift more weight and have less blistering and callusing.  Less callusing allows you to lift more weight!  With dry, cool hands you will increase your performance with PhitGrip. The medical grade antimicrobial is just icing on the cake for those that work hard at being healthy. PhitGrip has garnered rave reviews from Men's Fitness to the best powerlifters in the world.

Get PhitGrip, Lift More Weight, Stay Healthy.

We are an American made product. 

A simple product that simply works. 










See what people say about PhitGrip

"I have never personally been a fan of training gloves, I don't like the feeling, the leather gets all hard and chafes in between my fingers and frankly they stink in no time. But I'm also someone who grips the bar too tightly which makes my hands ache and the knurling canrip the callouses off my fingers.

Phitgrips have been the perfect answer for me, they cushion my grip while still being non-slip... and the anti-microbial aspect is just the cream on the cake in a busy gym when you often have to use a piece of equipment immediately after someone else!"

-  Ian J., NYC, NY